With Charles Woodson, Bob Harlan, Ron Wolf and Brett Favre as the neighbors, it’s an honor to be in the (same) neighborhood!

The Green Bay Packers: ‘Simply the best!’


Over the years, I’ve been asked for my opinion on many different things about the Packers; whether it was thoughts on how they were going to do at the beginning of the season, what I thought the value might be on an old program or some other Packer item, or something else about any Packer-related affairs, or Packeresque items.

In the 90s and beyond following the Lambeau Field remodeling project, I had an annual ritual with a professional colleague in Milwaukee, whereby we would each pick what we thought their record was going to be for the upcoming season. The winner, or guy who came closest to what it actually ended up being, would enjoy dinner at the expense of the other after the Super Bowl. For about five years running, I was right-on in terms of my prediction and their win/loss record for what the season actually ended up being!

Oftentimes, questions or queries would come up on game-day at Lambeau Field, where we tailgate in the parking lot around the Green and Golden Rod. I’ve always answered whatever the question or query might be on an “as far as I know” type-basis, before closing with something like: “And just one more thing,” and then I’d add—

“The Green Bay Packers are the finest team,
America’s Packers are every fan’s dream;
A tradition of glory all through the years,
forged by great players with blood, sweat and tears!

The Green Bay Packers are the green and the gold,
and the spirit of champions, which never grows old;
The pride and the glory go all the way back,
to the dawn of the league and the birth of the Pack;

When the Green Bay Packers line up on the ball,
it’s all for one, and one for all;
They’ll fight fair and hard in order to win,
and come back to do it, again and again!

In this day and age, as teams come and go,
there is one truth, fans everywhere know;
America’s Packers forever shall stay,
in Titletown, also known as Green Bay!

So, come one and all, and join in the cheer,
for all of our heroes, be heard loud and clear;
From Lambeau to Lombardi and all of the rest,
The Packer tradition is simply the best;
Yes, the Packer tradition, is simply the best!”

And now last but not least, Thank you for listening and fare thee well!  (‘SIMPLY THE BEST’ COPYRIGHT CHRISTOPHER WOOD)

The 'Simply the Best' brick in the Packers Heritage Trail Plaza.
The 'Simply the Best' brick in the Packers Heritage Trail Plaza.