What is Packerland Pride?

We’re a monthly magazine, with issues coming out nine times a year, focused on delivering compelling, partially localized, contemporary and historical content about the Green Bay Packers. We’ll do this through longer narrative feature stories and other reported pieces, through comparisons or profiles of past and present Packers, through looks at Packers places from Lambeau to anywhere else around the state, through telling the stories of your traditions, your tailgating experiences, your recipes; however you celebrate the Packers, that is.

We are about the Packers but we are also just as much about you, Packers fans. We aim to be somewhere in the middle of the intersection between Packers football and Packers fan culture. The Packers are THE PACKERS for a variety of reasons historical and football-related, but they’re also the everywhere-brand they are today because Packers fans are everywhere, especially in Central and Northern Wisconsin.

To that point, we are always looking for story ideas, tailgating tips, fan photos, etc.; whatever you may have Packers-related that you think we might like, really. We want to share your experiences, or hear your suggestions or comments. Email all of those things, and more, to: packerlandeditor@mmclocal.com.